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Boost Your Soccer/Football Team's Attacking Shooting Skills with these Drills!

Jese Leos
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Published in Attacking Shooting Drills For Soccer Coaches: Drills That Improve Your Soccer/football Teams Attacking Shooting Skills (Training Sessions For Soccer Coaches 4)
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Soccer and football teams require a variety of skills to succeed, but one crucial aspect is the ability to score goals and attack the opposition effectively. Attacking shooting skills can make all the difference in a game, and with proper training and drills, your team can enhance their abilities in this area. In this article, we will explore a range of drills that focus on improving your team's attacking shooting and help them become formidable forces upfront. Let's dive in!

Drill 1: The Finishing Circuit

The Finishing Circuit is a comprehensive drill that allows players to work on various aspects of their attacking shooting skills. Set up different stations on the field, each representing a specific shooting scenario. For example, one station could simulate receiving a pass from the wing and shooting from a tight angle, while another could involve dribbling past a defender and taking a long-range shot. Players rotate through each station, practicing their finishing from different positions and situations. This drill helps improve shooting accuracy, technique, and decision making, preparing your team to handle various attacking scenarios during matches.

Drill 2: One-on-One Finish

This drill focuses on improving players' ability to score in one-on-one situations against the goalkeeper. Set up a small field divided into two halves, with a goalkeeper positioned at each end. Place a cone in the middle of the field to mark the starting point. One player starts by dribbling towards the opponent's goal while being chased by a defender. The objective is to get past the defender and score within a specified time limit. This drill enhances quick decision-making, dribbling under pressure, and finishing under challenging conditions. It helps players develop the composure and technical skills required to convert goal-scoring opportunities in real-game scenarios.

Attacking & Shooting Drills For Soccer Coaches: Drills that improve your soccer/football teams attacking & shooting skills (Training Sessions for Soccer Coaches Book 4)
by Chris King (Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 9835 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 123 pages
Lending : Enabled

Drill 3: Crossing and Heading Practice

A significant aspect of attacking play involves crossing the ball into the box and executing accurate headers. This drill aids in improving players' heading accuracy, timing, and ability to finish aerial opportunities effectively. Divide the team into groups of attackers and defenders. Set up a wide area near the edge of the penalty box with players on opposite sides. The attackers aim to deliver accurate crosses into the box for their teammates to head towards the goal. Defenders challenge the attackers and try to prevent the header. This drill simulates realistic game situations and enhances the coordination between the crosser and the header. It also improves players' ability to read the flight of the ball and make accurate contact.

Drill 4: Small-Sided Game with Limited Touches

This drill focuses on developing players' speed of thought, quick decision-making, and accuracy in shooting. Divide the team into small groups and set up a small-sided game such as 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4. However, limit the number of touches each player can take before shooting. This restriction encourages players to think and act quickly, ensuring they are always ready to shoot when the opportunity arises. The game's smaller size also leads to more frequent shooting opportunities, allowing players to refine their shooting techniques and improve their goal conversion rate under pressure. This drill replicates the fast-paced nature of real-game situations, helping players develop their attacking shooting skills effectively.

Drill 5: Shooting with Opponents Blocking Vision

This drill hones players' ability to shoot accurately even when faced with obstructed vision or defenders blocking their line of sight. Set up a goalkeeper and create a line of cones or defenders between the shooter and the goal, obscuring the view. The shooter attempts to score by curving the ball around or over the obstacles. This exercise encourages players to be creative, develop different shooting techniques, and improve their accuracy under challenging circumstances. It also enhances players' ability to react quickly and adjust their shooting technique based on the opposition's positioning, a crucial skill in difficult shooting scenarios during actual matches.

Incorporating these Drills into Training Sessions

To maximize the benefits of these shooting drills, it is essential to incorporate them into your team's regular training sessions. Allocate dedicated time for attacking shooting practice and ensure proper execution and technique are emphasized. Training drills can be adapted based on the skill level and age of the players, so make necessary modifications to suit your team's specific requirements. Additionally, use video analysis tools to provide feedback and identify areas for improvement. Regularly monitor your team's progress to track the effectiveness of the drills implemented.

In , improving your soccer/football team's attacking shooting skills is vital for success. By incorporating these drills into your training regime, you can enhance your team's ability to score goals, penetrate defenses, and dominate games. Encourage dedication, hard work, and consistency, and watch as your players blossom into formidable attacking forces. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Attacking & Shooting Drills For Soccer Coaches: Drills that improve your soccer/football teams attacking & shooting skills (Training Sessions for Soccer Coaches Book 4)
by Chris King (Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 9835 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 123 pages
Lending : Enabled

This book is for all levels of soccer coaches who want to add attacking and shooting drills to their training sessions.

In football the aim is to get the ball in the back of the net and the drills in this book will improve your players' attacking and finishing skills.

All the drills have an accompanying link so you can see the drills as a short animated video (the links to a members page for buyers of this book is listed further on in the book).

I believe that most drills don鈥檛 have to be overly complicated. With non-professional players you may only have them for a few hours each week so these drills are simple and effective - working on players forward movement and finishing skills.

Most drills can be adjusted to suit the number of players you have at your session. I understand that on any night player numbers vary, so most of these drills are adjustable for more or less players.

These attacking and shooting drills that are easy to set up and easy to explain to your players.

Each drill is broken down into a Purpose; Set Up; The Drill; Key Points; and Coaches Notes.

This way you can see at a glance what the drill is aimed at improving, the amount of players that work best for the drill and some key points that you should focus on and explain to the players.

Happy coaching!
Chris King

A bit about me...

I have played soccer since I was 5 (& still play socially in my late 40's). I have completed coaching courses & coached men, women & children for over 17 years. I have released 5 soccer training books on Amazon all aimed at helping coaches improve themselves & their players. My partner also plays soccer so we stay fit together. I enjoy camping & mountain biking in the summer months.

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