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The Benefits of Abacus Mind Math Instruction - Unlock Your Child's Potential

Jese Leos
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Published in Abacus Mind Math Instruction Level 2
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Abacus mind math instruction is a powerful tool that can help children develop their mathematical abilities while enhancing their overall cognitive skills. This ancient method of mental calculation has been practiced for centuries and is still widely used today due to its effectiveness. In this article, we will explore the different levels of abacus mind math instruction and how it can benefit your child's learning journey.

What is Abacus Mind Math?

Abacus mind math is a technique that involves using an abacus tool to perform complex mathematical calculations mentally. It is based on the idea that the human brain has immense potential and can be trained to perform calculations at high speed by tapping into its visual, auditory, and physical senses.

Traditionally, children were taught to visualize the abacus in their minds and perform calculations without the help of the physical tool. However, with technological advancements, abacus software and virtual abacus tools are also available to make the learning process more accessible and fun.

Abacus Mind Math Instruction Book Level 2
by SAI Speed Math Academy (Kindle Edition)

4.8 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 58745 KB
Print length : 130 pages
Screen Reader : Supported

The Different Levels of Abacus Mind Math Instruction

Abacus mind math instruction is divided into different levels, each building upon the previous one to gradually enhance mental calculation abilities. Here are the key levels of instruction:

Level 1: Basic Operations

In the first level, children learn the fundamentals of using the abacus tool and perform basic arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction. They become proficient in visually translating the numbers into abacus beads and vice versa.

At this stage, children develop a strong number sense and learn to solve simple equations mentally using the abacus visualization technique. They gain confidence and speed in their calculations, setting a strong foundation for subsequent levels.

Level 2: Intermediate Operations

Once children have mastered basic addition and subtraction, they move on to level 2, where they learn multiplication and division using the abacus tool. They learn effective techniques to handle multiple-digit numbers and understand the principles behind each operation.

By practicing multiplication and division mentally, children become more comfortable with complex calculations. They also build their problem-solving skills and logical thinking ability, which are crucial for higher-level mathematics.

Level 3: Advanced Operations

In level 3, children further expand their mathematical repertoire by learning advanced operations such as working with decimals, fractions, and square roots. They become adept at handling complex equations mentally, often surpassing their peers who rely solely on traditional methods.

At this level, children develop exceptional concentration skills and memory capability. They can visualize numerical patterns more easily and apply various strategies to solve problems efficiently.

Level 4: Mental Math and Speed Calculation

Level 4 focuses on improving mental math skills and enhancing calculation speed. Children practice mental calculations without relying on the abacus tool, but still utilize the visualization techniques they have acquired throughout their learning process.

By improving their speed and accuracy, children can perform calculations under time pressure, which is essential for many real-life situations. They become more confident and efficient in their mathematical abilities, which positively impacts their academic performance overall.

The Benefits of Abacus Mind Math Instruction

The benefits of abacus mind math instruction extend beyond just improving mathematical abilities. Here are some important benefits:

1. Enhances Cognitive Skills

Abacus mind math instruction stimulates the brain and enhances cognitive skills such as concentration, memory, and logical thinking. By engaging both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, children develop a balanced set of mental abilities that can be applied to various areas of life.

2. Boosts Confidence and Self-esteem

As children master abacus mind math, they gain confidence in their mathematical abilities. The gradual progression through different levels gives them a sense of accomplishment, boosting their self-esteem and motivating them to take on new challenges.

3. Improves Problem-solving Skills

Abacus mind math instruction equips children with strong problem-solving skills. They learn to break down complex problems into manageable steps, analyze patterns, and apply suitable strategies. These problem-solving skills can be applied not only in math but also in various real-life situations.

4. Develops Focus and Concentration

Abacus mind math requires concentration and mental focus. Through regular practice, children improve their ability to concentrate for extended periods, which has a positive impact on their overall academic performance and beyond.

5. Enhances Mental Arithmetic

One of the direct benefits of abacus mind math instruction is the development of mental arithmetic skills. Children can perform calculations mentally and with greater speed, boosting their efficiency and accuracy in mathematics.

Abacus mind math instruction offers a holistic approach to math education, enabling children to unlock their full potential. Through the different levels of instruction, children develop strong cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and increased confidence in their mathematical capabilities.

Investing in abacus mind math instruction can have long-lasting benefits for your child's academic journey and overall cognitive development. Unleash their potential and introduce them to the wonders of abacus mind math today!

Abacus Mind Math Instruction Book Level 2
by SAI Speed Math Academy (Kindle Edition)

4.8 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 58745 KB
Print length : 130 pages
Screen Reader : Supported

Abacus Mind Math Instruction Book Level 2 (for teachers and parents):

Goal for Level – 2
•Addition – with carryover problems or with regrouping problems
•Subtraction – practice without borrowing problems or without regrouping problems
Topics covered:
•10 exchange addition concepts explained in detail with examples
•Skill building activities explained
Instruction book includes:
•Examples for each concept with detailed pictures and steps by step instruction on how to calculate and what to tell your students while teaching.
•Theory behind the formulas explained in simple terms.
•Over 490 sample problems for teachers and parents to practice the concepts.
•These sample problems can be used to introduce your child to the concept with effortless ease.
•Dictation enhances memory power, concentration and comprehension of concept learnt.
•Skill building activities are explained that help you train your child.
•Common mistakes made by students with ways to help them avoid making these mistakes are outlined.
Exclusive Bonus: Carryover to thousands place explained with examples. Practice work (370 set of problems) for students provided only in this instruction book.
Corresponding practice work for children is given in the two workbooks that are sold separately under the following titles:

Abacus Mind Math Level 2 Workbook 1 of 2: Excel at Mind Math with Soroban, a Japanese Abacus
Abacus Mind Math Level 2 Workbook 2 of 2: Excel at Mind Math with Soroban, a Japanese Abacus

Adult Learners:
•Do you want to learn to work on the abacus and master mind math effectively? This book will be an excellent help for adults who are learning to use the abacus and to ultimately master mind math.
•The book introduces concepts one at a time, which helps in mastering abacus and increasing speed and accuracy effectively.
•Practicing mind math with this book will aid in your quest for mastery over mind math with effortless ease.
Soroban, the Japanese abacus is a very useful visual tool that helps children ‘see’ numbers as beads while calculating. Soroban perfectly fits with the base 10 number system used at present and provides a systematic method (formulas) to follow while calculating both on the tool and in the mind. Mastering of this tool will enhance your child’s basic math comprehension, speed and accuracy. In general, when children practice mind math, they get a very important sense of achievement that helps raise their confidence as students. You can also see an improvement in their concentration, tenacity, memory power and listening skills.

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